Our vision is to spread the development of our advanced and unique device around the world that will reach every customer from any continent alongside a war in the counterfeit industry that tries to imitate us without success.

We convene many management meetings in cooperation with all the development and marketing plans, and of course the managers, and we are still divided in our opinion regarding opening the dam for distribution to stores and importers around the world. There are many questions that arise in our dialogues, and most importantly, what is most important to us is to maintain the quality of the product and reasonable prices for it. Therefore we sell it on our website without any additional fees at an amazing price that fits every pocket for every citizen and all over the world. Including shipping.

You are more than welcome to contact us at the bottom of this page and start a sales license process from us. The first step in this process is to leave your details and one of our representatives back to you and start the second step in which you will have to introduce yourself and prove to us your power of control and experience in your local market. In any case we reserve the rights not to approve a sale license for no reason whatsoever.