A unique serial number that includes a laser hologram

Our products contain unique serial numbers for each device, including details that are not visible to the observer, but only by means of a laser, magnifying glass, certain reflections and more

Tips for secure purchase

Read and learn how to buy an original AKS

Follow these steps for a safe and secure purchase so that you do not fall into the hands of the counterfeiters and crooks

Official Website

Make a purchase exclusively from our official website at www.aks-detectors.com

Suspicious countries

Purchasing from countries such as Iran, Turkey, China, and India leads to being caught in the counterfeiters’ network

Ebay and Amazon

Until these entities remove the fake sellers, we will continue to sell our products only through our official website

USA and Israel

We are an American and Israeli company. Not Chinese, Indian or Turkish

Customs clearance

We take care to help you release customs, as opposed to counterfeiters who receive money and disappear

DHL Express

Please note that we only ship by DHL 2-6 days to your address. Includes a tracking number to track your package 24/7

Click to view our BLACK LIST

Read carefully who does not have permission to sell our devices


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