The most wanted product for the year 2019 in water monitoring.
Discovery capabilities of freshwater reservoirs, saline and natural water. Detection capabilities of wells Artesian. This is the right product for very specific customers, as water seekers are customers from very specific countries. This is not a device for anyone … but anyone who is equipped with this device knows it very well. For a long time our customers have been waiting for the launch of the very sophisticated water system. We wish you the best search and success. Every question and problem we have at our customer service center 24/7.

All Packages Includes:

  • Main Unit

  • Control Unit

  • Wall Charger

  • 6 Antennas

  • User Manual

  • Warranty Card

  • Unique Serial #

  • Military Case

  • Car Charger

  • Anti Fraud Check

  • Depth Measurment Button

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The AKS AQUA device with DDT technology and search capabilities in

LR-TR PRO technology comes with targeted work programs such as ALL,
EPP, PP, TRACKING, LIGHT MODE and many more.
We at aks detectors do not compromise in any way in the planning and
production process. We use the highest quality products in order to
achieve high quality product.
Our company has existed for decades in the field of discovery,
identification of long distances and deep depths.
We have manufactured products for various industries and confidentiality
for the purposes of customer’s requirement to find various purposes
for long distances and deep depths.
Now, we market our product for searching, identifying and discovering
natural water, artesian water, water wells and more. We are very happy that you have
chosen to buy the world’s leading product for these purposes.
After many years of experience in our labs, we have reached a finished
product that focuses mainly on understanding the targeted search, the
fastest and most accurate discovery seen in the world so far. With the
help of 6 targeted antennas and SUPER large antenna, sensors and
advanced processors in the world.

Additional information

Weight3.850 g
Dimensions40 × 30 × 12 cm
Choose Your Bundle:

AKS Basic Kit, Device + 1 Filter Kit, Device + 2 Filter Kit, Device + 3 Filter Kit, Device + 4 Filter Kit, Device + 5 Filters Kit, Device + 6 Filters Kit


We supply deliveries to almost all countries of the world.
There are 2 main types of shipments:

1. EMS – Free shipping service.
2. DHL Express – Payment delivery service.

  • Shipments with EMS usually arrive within 15-46 business days.
  • Shipping with DHL usually takes 2-6 business days.


Safety while charging

Be careful when using the charger. Read the exact usage instructions
listed in the User Manual To ensure that you do not exceed the
charging times.

Use authorized areas

Our obligation to inform and recommend you to search areas. Since
this is a site serving all customers on the web, we generally refer
to this topic. Each country has its own laws, laws relating to the
legality of the search for natural resources, lost treasures, antiquity,
definition of what is considered antiques, prohibited areas for search
and areas to be searched, rules for finding and handling antiquities.
We encourage each of our clients to follow these instructions and
laws in their designated search area. In most countries there are no
exceptional restrictions on this issue, but we still want to bring this
matter to your attention. Hope you have good, satisfying searches.
The GOLDAKS team.

Search area boundaries

This is a very important issue. We recommend searching to focus on
a specific search area and know its limits. Our advanced device has
evacuation capabilities up to 5 kilometers. This is a great distance,
definitely the highest and most advanced detection and search
capability in the world, so you should be aware that you are not
invading areas that are privately owned and that limit borders. Of
course this is only our recommendation. Sure you’ll find treasures,
the GOLDAKS team.


Search Name: 3D-DDT (LR-TR) Technology

Search System: New High Tech Bionic Computer MainChip.
conductivity and P6FE1Z algorithm smart development.
Search Range: up to 5000M
Detecting Depth: up to 1300M
Energy: 12V 1600mAh
Launch Frequency: 5.6-6KHz
Signal Frequency: 360-440Hz
Package Weight: 3.5 Kilogram
Detection Type: natural water, artesian water, water wells and more.
Shell Material: Aluminium
Case Size: Approx.40x30x15 CM
Adapter Model: KDL-121000
Adapter Input: 100-240V
50-60Hz 0.3A
Adapter Output: 12V 1A
Working Temperature: 0°-40°
Case Material: ip67 plastic waterproof military type
Charging Methods:
This device has installed rechargeable batteries, charging
time 4 hours.