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The AKS LR-TR V2 (formerly AKS LR-TR (2018)) is the flagship device from AKS GROUP. With unmatched authenticity and performance, this treasure hunting and metal detection device remains in high demand. Its comprehensive package includes the main unit, control unit, wall charger, 6 antennas, user manual, warranty card, and a military case for durability. Upgrade to the AKS LR-TR V2 and experience the pinnacle of treasure hunting technology.


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Product Description

Unleash the full potential of your treasure hunting endeavors with the AKS LR-TR V2, a remarkable device designed to conquer the depths of the Earth in search of magnificent treasures. With its exceptional scanning capabilities, this device allows you to explore a vast radius of up to 5 kilometers in a 360-degree range, unveiling hidden riches that have eluded others.

Equipped with advanced technology and powerful algorithms, the AKS LR-TR V2 reaches unparalleled depths, delving up to an astonishing 75 meters below the surface. Its cutting-edge scanning system enables you to penetrate layers of soil and rock, revealing precious metals such as gold, silver, copper, and the brilliance of sparkling diamonds.

This extraordinary device is the culmination of years of research and development by the esteemed AKS GROUP. Its precision and accuracy make it an indispensable tool for seasoned treasure hunters seeking unparalleled wealth and adventure. By harnessing its capabilities, you can navigate ancient ruins, untamed landscapes, and uncharted territories, confident in your ability to uncover extraordinary riches.

The AKS LR-TR V2 boasts an array of essential features that enhance your treasure hunting experience. With its 360-degree scanning capability, you can cover a wide area with each sweep, maximizing your chances of discovering hidden treasures. Its advanced detection system precisely identifies the composition and depth of the detected targets, allowing you to focus your efforts on the most valuable finds.

This exceptional device is accompanied by a comprehensive set of components that ensure optimal performance. The main unit acts as the command center, providing you with real-time feedback and critical information. The control unit offers precise control over various parameters, enabling you to customize your search settings for enhanced results. Additionally, the package includes a wall charger, ensuring that you can continue your quest without interruption.

With its rugged design and military-grade construction, the AKS LR-TR V2 is built to withstand the harshest environments. Whether you're navigating dense forests, rugged mountains, or arid deserts, this device remains steadfast and reliable, ready to guide you towards hidden treasures.

Immerse yourself in the thrill of discovery as you embark on an extraordinary treasure hunting journey with the AKS LR-TR V2. Unleash its full potential to conquer vast territories, delve into unprecedented depths, and uncover the unimaginable wealth that lies beneath the Earth's surface. With the AKS LR-TR V2 as your trusted companion, you hold the key to unlocking a world of hidden treasures. Embrace the challenge, let your spirit of adventure guide you, and embark on a quest that will forever change your life.


Embark on a thrilling treasure hunting journey with the AKS LR-TR V2. This cutting-edge device is specifically designed to uncover valuable treasures such as gold, silver, copper, and diamonds. With its advanced LR-TR technology and impressive scanning capabilities, the AKS LR-TR V2 is a treasure hunter’s dream come true. Let the device guide you to hidden riches buried deep within the earth as you harness its remarkable features and unleash your inner explorer.

Key Features:

  • Detect targets at long distances, up to 5 kilometers
  • Explore deep depths with a range of up to 75 meters
  • Lightweight and portable design, weighing only 3.8 kilograms
  • Quick charging time of up to 2 hours
  • Long battery life, with a maximum working time of up to 10 hours
  • New High Tech Bionic Computer MainChip for enhanced performance
  • Targeted search methods for gold nuggets, buried gold, Silver and more
  • Focus resistance of 93.8% (without filter) for accurate target identification
  • Works effectively in all types of soil
  • Durable IP67-rated case material for protection against dust and water
  • Frequency range of 360-440 Hz for optimal detection capabilities
  • Possibility to work with multiple filters simultaneously for enhanced customization
  • Comes with a 2-year warranty for peace of mind

Experience the thrill of treasure hunting like never before with the AKS LR-TR V2. This powerful device is your gateway to uncovering hidden treasures, allowing you to delve into the depths and unravel the mysteries that lie beneath the surface. With its exceptional features and reliable performance, the AKS LR-TR V2 is your ultimate companion in the quest for precious artifacts and valuable metals. Get ready to embark on an adventure of a lifetime and unleash your inner treasure hunter with the AKS LR-TR V2.


AKS LR-TR V2: Unleash the Power of Long-Range Treasure Hunting

The AKS LR-TR V2 is a cutting-edge long-range treasure hunting system that revolutionizes the way we search for deep burials, gold treasures, and other valuable objects. With its advanced technology and powerful capabilities, this system takes treasure hunting to new depths, literally.

Key Features and Specifications:

1. Long-Range Detection:
The AKS LR-TR V2 is designed to detect targets at remarkable distances, reaching depths that were once considered inaccessible. With its long-range detection capabilities, treasure hunters can scan vast areas and locate buried treasures up to an impressive distance of 5 kilometers.

2. Precise Target Localization:
This system is equipped with advanced algorithms and antenna systems that work in harmony to provide accurate target localization. By analyzing the returned signals, the AKS LR-TR V2 pinpoints the exact location of buried treasures, allowing users to focus their efforts on specific areas of interest.

3. Deep Burial Detection:
Uncovering deep-buried treasures has always been a challenge for treasure hunters. The AKS LR-TR V2 overcomes this hurdle with its exceptional depth detection capabilities, reaching depths of up to 75 meters. This means that even the most elusive treasures buried deep within the earth’s layers can be detected and located with precision.

4. Target Versatility:
Whether you’re searching for gold treasures, silver, copper, or other valuable objects, the AKS LR-TR V2 is equipped to handle it all. Its versatile detection capabilities make it a valuable tool for various treasure hunting endeavors, ensuring that you won’t miss out on any opportunity to uncover hidden riches.

5. User-Friendly Interface:
The AKS LR-TR V2 features an intuitive user interface that allows for easy navigation and control. Treasure hunters can quickly adjust settings, select search modes, and access valuable information on the device’s clear and concise display. This user-friendly interface ensures a seamless and enjoyable treasure hunting experience.

6. Durability and Portability:
Built to withstand rugged environments, the AKS LR-TR V2 is constructed with high-quality materials to ensure durability and longevity. Its compact and lightweight design makes it easily portable, allowing treasure hunters to explore even the most remote and challenging terrains.

Embark on a Treasure Hunting Adventure:

The AKS LR-TR V2 is not just a treasure hunting device; it’s a gateway to extraordinary adventures and remarkable discoveries. With its long-range detection, deep burial capabilities, and versatility in detecting various treasures, this system empowers treasure hunters to delve into the depths of history and unlock the secrets hidden beneath the earth’s surface.

Unleash the power of the AKS LR-TR V2 and embark on a treasure hunting journey like no other. Explore the unexplored, unearth hidden treasures, and experience the thrill of discovering riches that have been lost in time. With the AKS LR-TR V2, the possibilities are endless, and the next great treasure could be just a scan away.

Specification Description
Search Name 3D-DDT (LR-TR) Technology System
Automatic Depth Checking by Button No
Distance Measurement Up to 5000 meters
Depth Measurement Up to 75 meters
Package Gross Weight 3.8 kg
Battery Charger Output 12V 1600mAh
Case Material IP67
Signal Frequency 360-440 Hz
Soil Types Works in ALL types of Soil
Focus Resistance 93.8% (without filter)
Search Methods Gold, Silver, Copper & Diam
Case Material IP67
Case Size Approx. 40x30x15 centimeters
Possibility to Work with Multiple Filters Yes, up to 3 filters simultaneously
Warranty 2 Years
Battery Working Time Up to 10 hours
Waterproof Not waterproof, weatherproof only
Charging Time Up to 2 hours
Operating Temperature Range 0°C to 50°C
Filters (Full Set) Includes 6 Filters; Anti Iron, Increase Gold Frequency, Anti Nuggets, Up to 3M, Anti Mineral & Anti Rocks
Adapter Input 100-240V 50-60Hz 0.3A
Full Package Includes
  • Main Unit
  • Control Unit
  •  6 X Antenna
  •  Warranty Card
  •  Unique Serial #
  •  Military Case
  • Main Super Antenna
  • AKS Wall Charger
  • USB Device with user’s manual
  • 6 Filters Set (If you ordered the Full Set).
  • 3 Filters Long Range Antennas
  • 3 Batteries holders for Filters Operation


Filters Set Info

Enhancing Treasure Hunting with the AKS LR-TR V2 Filters Kit

The AKS LR-TR V2 Filters Kit is a valuable companion for treasure hunters using the AKS LR-TR V2 device. This kit includes a range of specialized filters designed to optimize the device’s performance and overcome specific challenges encountered during treasure hunting expeditions. By utilizing these filters, treasure hunters can fine-tune their search parameters, improve target detection, and increase their chances of discovering valuable treasures.

  1. Depth Limit Filter: The Depth Limit filter allows users to set a specific depth range for their search, ensuring that they focus on targets within their desired depth limit. This feature helps save time and energy by narrowing down the search area and optimizing the detection process.
  2. Anti Iron Filter: Iron interference is a common issue in treasure hunting, causing false signals and potentially distracting users from their target. The Anti Iron filter is specifically designed to eliminate or minimize the effects of iron interference, allowing treasure hunters to concentrate on non-ferrous targets and increase their chances of finding valuable treasures.
  3. Anti Mineral Soil Filter: Mineralized soil can pose challenges in target detection, as it can mask valuable objects and interfere with the device’s signals. The Anti Mineral Soil filter helps suppress the interference caused by mineral-rich soil, allowing users to detect targets more accurately and increase their success rate in challenging soil conditions.
  4. Anti Nuggets Filter: Small targets, such as tiny nuggets or fragments, can be easily overlooked or mistaken for unwanted signals. The Anti Nuggets filter selectively filters out signals from small targets while still detecting larger and potentially more valuable objects. This feature helps treasure hunters focus on the targets that matter most.
  5. Increase Frequency – Gold Filter: Gold targets often require a higher frequency range for optimal detection. The Increase Frequency – Gold filter enhances the device’s sensitivity to gold signals, allowing users to detect and pinpoint gold treasures more effectively.
  6. Anti Rocks Filter: Magnetic rocks can interfere with the device’s signals, causing false readings and reducing detection accuracy. The Anti Rocks filter is designed to mitigate the effects of magnetic rock interference, enabling treasure hunters to achieve more reliable and precise detection results.

The AKS LR-TR V2 Filters Kit empowers treasure hunters to overcome various challenges and optimize their treasure hunting experience. By using these specialized filters, users can tailor their device’s capabilities to their specific needs, enhance target detection in different environments, and increase their chances of discovering hidden treasures. With the AKS LR-TR V2 Filters Kit, treasure hunters can unlock new possibilities and embark on exciting adventures with confidence.

Filter Name Filter Work Rules Using The Filter For
Up to 3 meters depth filter sensor Option to work up to 3 filters at the same time. Works within buildings up to 80 meters and in open ground areas up to 500 meters. Limiting the depth of field search
Anti Iron Filter Sensor Option to work up to 3 filters at the same time. Works within buildings up to 80 meters and in open ground areas up to 500 meters. Canceling iron detection “noises”
Anti Mineral Soil Filter Sensor Option to work up to 3 filters at the same time. Works within buildings up to 80 meters and in open ground areas up to 500 meters. Searching within mineralized soil
Anti Nuggets Filter Sensor Option to work up to 3 filters at the same time. Works within buildings up to 80 meters and in open ground areas up to 500 meters. Suppressing small target signals when large targets are present
Increase Frequency – Gold Sensor Option to work up to 3 filters at the same time. Works within buildings up to 80 meters and in open ground areas up to 500 meters. Increasing the frequency for gold detection
Anti Rocks Filter Sensor Option to work up to 3 filters at the same time. Works within buildings up to 80 meters and in open ground areas up to 500 meters. Canceling magnetic rock interference

Important sections:

  1. If the customer chooses to order the full set of filters, they will receive 6 filters along with 3 long-range antennas and 3 battery holders. The devices can work with up to 3 filters simultaneously, so there is no need for more than 3 antennas and battery holders.
  2. The complete filter kit includes a dedicated filter unit, an antenna connection cable, a large long-range antenna, and a battery holder.
  3. The kit does not include batteries. You must purchase 2 “AA” batteries separately.
  • Please note that the specifications and details mentioned are subject to change.
AKS LR-TR V2 (LR-TR 2018) – Introduction & How to Video:

User Manual

Click here to download the AKS LR-TR V2 User Manual.


Aluminum Grade


Super Sensor Antenna


Search Methods: Gold, Silver, Copper & Diam


Metal Warranty Card with “AKS” engraving & unique serial number

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