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Unleash the power of AKS MULTI GFIS3D™ (Geometric Forecast Imagine System), the ultimate treasure hunting solution. Equipped with cutting-edge Long Range Detector and GFIS 3D Imagine Scanner, this groundbreaking device redefines metal detection and 3D scanning. Experience unparalleled scanning capabilities, precise object location and depth, soil selection options, Android app control, up to 21-meter depth exploration, 360-degree 3D scanning, easy calibration, automation features, real-time soil mineralization monitoring, powerful software, and Bluetooth connectivity with included tablet. Step into the future of treasure hunting and discover hidden riches with unmatched precision and ease.


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Product Description

Experience the revolutionary AKS MULTI GFIS3D, the ultimate treasure hunting solution that will leave you in awe. Meticulously crafted by AKS DETECTORS, this state-of-the-art device sets a new standard in deep 3D scanning of underground layers, guaranteeing unparalleled results.

Unleash the Power:

Prepare to be astonished as AKS MULTI GFIS3D combines advanced radar technology, cutting-edge algorithms, and high-performance antenna systems. This extraordinary amalgamation empowers you to detect buried objects up to an astonishing depth of 75 meters, covering an expansive area of 5,000 square meters.

3D Imaging at its Finest:

Witness the evolution of treasure discovery with the GFIS3D scanning system. Say farewell to guesswork and unnecessary digging. Once you've located your target, activate the GFIS3D for real-time, precise scans of the surrounding area. This ingenious technology reveals the exact location and depth of the treasure, saving you valuable time and effort.

Unparalleled Features:

The AKS MULTI GFIS3D offers an array of cutting-edge features to enhance your treasure hunting experience:

  • Select from various soil types, including basalt, sea sand, and hot stones, for accurate scanning.
  • Enjoy the convenience of the user-friendly Android app, putting you in full control of your treasure hunting journey.
  • Explore depths of up to 21 meters, revealing hidden treasures beyond your wildest imagination.
  • Scan your surroundings in stunning 360-degree 3D, capturing every detail with precision.
  • Effortlessly calibrate the scanner, either manually or with a simple touch, ensuring accurate and reliable results.
  • Seamlessly scan diverse environments, from open spaces to walls and the ground, thanks to advanced automation capabilities.
  • Stay informed about soil mineralization during the scanning process, optimizing your treasure detection accuracy.
  • Utilize the powerful software to effortlessly save and load scans at your convenience.
  • Connect wirelessly to your tablet via Bluetooth, with a tablet included in the package, for seamless integration and ease of use.
Step into the Future:

Embrace the future of treasure hunting with the AKS MULTI GFIS3D, an unrivaled masterpiece of metal detection technology. Uncover hidden riches with unparalleled precision, ease, and efficiency. Prepare to embark on a treasure hunting journey like no other, where extraordinary discoveries await at your fingertips. Don't settle for anything less than extraordinary—let AKS MULTI GFIS3D redefine the way you uncover hidden treasures.


Cutting-Edge Features:

1. Advanced Soil Selection:
Take your scanning precision to the next level with the AKS MULTI GFIS3D’s advanced soil selection options. Choose from a wide range of soil types, including basalt, sea sand, hot stones, rocks, and more. This ensures optimal performance and accurate detection results tailored to the specific soil composition.

2. Seamless Android App Integration:
Embrace the convenience and control offered by the AKS MULTI GFIS3D’s dedicated Android app. Unlock a world of possibilities as you effortlessly navigate through the app’s intuitive interface, accessing advanced features and customization options with ease. Stay connected, informed, and in control of your treasure hunting journey.

3. Unprecedented Depth Capability:
Reach unprecedented depths in your treasure hunting endeavors. The AKS MULTI GFIS3D boasts an impressive depth capability of up to 21 meters, empowering you to explore uncharted territories and uncover hidden treasures that were previously out of reach. Prepare to unearth the extraordinary.

4. Immersive 360-Degree 3D Scanning:
Experience a new dimension in treasure hunting with the AKS MULTI GFIS3D’s immersive 360-degree 3D scanning capability. Capture a comprehensive view of your surroundings, allowing you to examine every angle and detail with precision. Unleash the power of three-dimensional visualization and unlock a new level of treasure detection accuracy.

5. Advanced Calibration Options:
Fine-tune your scanning accuracy with the AKS MULTI GFIS3D’s versatile calibration options. Whether you prefer a manual approach, meticulously adjusting the scanner to the ground conditions, or opt for the convenience of automatic calibration at the touch of a button, rest assured that your scanning results will be precise and reliable.

6. Intelligent Automation for Varied Environments:
Effortlessly scan diverse environments, including spaces, walls, and the ground, with the AKS MULTI GFIS3D’s intelligent automation capabilities. Adapt to different scenarios with ease as the device optimizes its scanning parameters to deliver superior detection performance. Let automation streamline your treasure hunting experience.

7. Unrivaled Portability:
Experience the true meaning of portability with the AKS MULTI GFIS3D, the smallest ground scanner on the market. Designed for convenience and ease of use, this compact device ensures unhindered mobility during your treasure hunting expeditions. Don’t let size deceive you—this small wonder is packed with groundbreaking technology.

8. Real-Time Soil Mineralization Monitoring:
Stay informed and in control with real-time soil mineralization monitoring. The AKS MULTI GFIS3D continuously updates you on the soil’s mineralization levels as you scan, enabling you to fine-tune your detection settings for optimal performance. Maximize your treasure hunting efficiency with accurate soil insights.

9. Robust Software for Enhanced Data Management:
Experience the power and stability of the AKS MULTI GFIS3D’s robust software. Seamlessly save your scans and load previous data for comparative analysis and deeper insights. Organize and manage your treasure hunting records effortlessly, unlocking the potential to discover patterns and uncover hidden treasures more efficiently than ever before.

10. Bluetooth Tablet Connectivity:
Enjoy seamless connectivity and control with the AKS MULTI GFIS3D’s Bluetooth tablet integration. The device comes bundled with a high-quality tablet, allowing you to wirelessly connect and interact with the scanner. Experience a hassle-free, intuitive interface that complements the device’s exceptional performance, making treasure hunting a breeze.

Prepare to revolutionize your treasure hunting experience with the AKS MULTI GFIS3D—where cutting-edge technology, advanced features, and seamless integration converge to redefine what is possible in the world of metal detection and deep 3D scanning. Let AKS MULTI GFIS3D be your gateway to extraordinary discoveries.


AKS MULTI GFIS 3D: Unlocking the Secrets of Underground Treasures

Unveiling the world’s smallest mobile treasure detector, the AKS MULTI GFIS 3D is a treasure hunter’s dream come true. Equipped with two distinct and powerful systems, this device is poised to revolutionize the way you embark on your treasure hunting expeditions.

1. Long Range Detector: Pioneering the Art of Deep Scanning

Drawing upon AKS’s unrivaled expertise in target detection, the Long Range Detector system integrates cutting-edge technologies and sophisticated algorithms. By harnessing the power of radar technology and advanced antennas, it emits waves that penetrate the ground and captures the returning signals from buried objects. Through meticulous analysis, this system reveals specific targets with unparalleled accuracy and precision.

Immerse yourself in a vast scanning range that extends up to a staggering 5,000 square meters, providing a comprehensive view of the hidden treasures that lie beneath. Delve into the depths of up to 75 meters, surpassing the limitations of conventional metal detectors and uncovering treasures that were once beyond your reach. With the Long Range Detector system, embark on a journey of endless possibilities and discover the hidden secrets buried within the Earth.

2. 3D Imagine Scanner: Unleashing the Power of Real-Time Visualization

Prepare to be captivated by the revolutionary 3D Imagine GPR Scanner, a groundbreaking addition to the AKS MULTI GFIS 3D. This cutting-edge system represents the pinnacle of treasure discovery technology, offering capabilities never before seen in the field.

Leave behind the uncertainties of traditional long-range devices. With the AKS MULTI GFIS 3D, you have the power to conduct a preliminary search using the device’s comprehensive scanning capabilities. Once you locate a target, the true magic begins. Activate the GFIS 3D scanning system, and witness a remarkable transformation in your treasure hunting experience. Unlock the extraordinary capabilities of the AKS MULTI GFIS 3D, with features that include impressive depth of up to 21 meters and a keen focus on identifying precious gold treasures, as well as uncovering hidden cavities such as spaces, caves, tunnels, and graves.

Bid farewell to arduous digging and guesswork, as the GFIS 3D Scanner provides an accurate, real-time scan of the surrounding environment. Revealing the exact location and depth of the target object, this advanced system empowers you to make informed decisions, ensuring efficient and precise excavation. Let the GFIS 3D Scanner be your guide as you uncover the treasures hidden beneath the Earth’s surface, with minimal effort and maximum success.

Step into a new era of treasure hunting with the AKS MULTI GFIS 3D—a fusion of cutting-edge technology, expert craftsmanship, and a relentless pursuit of discovery. By seamlessly integrating the Long Range Detector and 3D Imagine GPR Scanner, this device opens doors to new dimensions of exploration. Say goodbye to limitations and embrace a future where hidden treasures are revealed with unmatched clarity and precision. With the AKS MULTI GFIS 3D as your trusted companion, embark on a treasure hunting journey that will leave a lasting legacy.

Specification Description
Search Name 3D-DDT GFIS3D (LR-TR) Technology Imagine System
Geometric Forecast Imagine System New High-Tech Bionic Computer with Conductive and P6FE1Z Algorithms
Long Range System Range Up to 5000 meters
Long Range System Depth Up to 75 meters
GFIS3D System Depth Up to 21 meters
Energy 12V 1600mAh
Launch Frequency 5.6-6 KHz
Signal Frequency 360-440 Hz
Basic Kit Weight 3.9 kilograms
Full Set Weight 4.2 kilograms
Detection Types Specialized for Gold, Silver & Cavities
Coil Type Single Coil
Case Size Approx. 40x30x15 centimeters
Battery Model PDL-12100V
Battery Voltage 12V 1A
Battery Working Time Up to 8 hours
Waterproof Not waterproof, weatherproof only
Case Material High-quality waterproof plastic shell
Charging Method The device has an installed rechargeable battery, charging time is less than 2 hours
Audio Output Piezo buzzer Ø:12mm – H:9.8mm sound pressure level 85db at 12v/10cm frequency 4.5±0.5 KHz
Operating Temperature Range 0°C to 50°C
Filters (Full Set) Includes 6 Filters; Anti Iron, Increase Gold Frequency, Anti Nuggets, Up to 3M, Anti Mineral & Anti Rocks
Focus Resistance % 93.8
Possibility to work simultaneously with several filters Option to work up to 3 filters at the same time
Adapter Input 100-240V 50-60Hz 0.3A
Warranty 3 Years Warranty
Package Includes
  • Main Unit
  • Control Unit (GFIS3D).
  •  6 X Antenna
  •  User Manual
  •  Warranty Card
  •  Unique Serial #
  •  Military Case
  • Samsung 8.7″ Tablet
  • Main Super Antenna
  • AKS Wall Charger
  • Tablet Wall charger with USB Charging Cable
  • USB Device with user’s guide
  • 6 Filters Set (If you ordered the Full Set).
  • 3 Filters Long Range Antennas
  • 3 Batteries holders for Filters Operation


Filters Set Info

Enhancing Treasure Hunting with the AKS MULTI GFIS3D Filters Kit

The AKS MULTI GFIS3D Filters Kit offers a valuable solution for overcoming surface and ground challenges encountered during treasure hunting expeditions. This kit includes six different filters designed to address specific needs and enhance the detection capabilities of the AKS MULTI GFIS3D device. By utilizing these filters, treasure hunters can optimize their search for valuable targets, improve accuracy, and overcome various environmental obstacles.

1. Specialized Filters for Specific Needs:
The filters in the AKS MULTI GFIS3D Filters Kit cater to specific requirements, enabling treasure hunters to customize their search parameters and focus on desired targets. Each filter serves a distinct purpose, allowing users to adapt their device to different scenarios.

  • Up to 3 Meters Depth Filter Sensor: This filter limits the depth of field search, making it ideal for precise target localization in shallow areas. It allows users to concentrate their efforts within a specific depth range, saving time and energy.
  • Anti Iron Filter Sensor: Iron interference is a common challenge in treasure hunting. The anti-iron filter effectively cancels out iron signals, enabling users to discriminate against unwanted ferrous objects and concentrate on non-ferrous targets.
  • Anti Mineral Soil Filter Sensor: Mineralized soil can mask valuable targets, making it crucial to filter out the soil’s interference. The anti-mineral soil filter helps to suppress mineralization signals, enhancing the device’s ability to detect targets buried in mineral-rich environments.

2. Overcoming Surface and Ground Problems:
The AKS MULTI GFIS3D Filters Kit provides valuable tools to overcome surface and ground-related challenges, ensuring more accurate and reliable treasure hunting results. These filters address specific issues encountered during searches, maximizing efficiency and target detection capabilities.

  • Anti Nuggets Filter Sensor: Suppressing small target signals when larger targets are present is crucial to avoid distractions during treasure hunting. The anti-nuggets filter selectively silences signals from small nuggets, allowing users to focus on larger and potentially more valuable targets.
  • Increase Frequency – Gold Sensor: Gold detection requires a higher frequency range. The increase frequency filter optimizes the device’s sensitivity to gold targets, improving the chances of uncovering hidden treasures.
  • Anti Rocks Filter Sensor: Magnetic rocks can interfere with treasure hunting signals, causing false readings and reducing accuracy. The anti-rocks filter effectively cancels out the interference caused by magnetic rocks, ensuring more reliable and precise detection results.

The AKS MULTI GFIS3D Filters Kit offers a powerful set of tools to meet specific needs and overcome surface and ground-related challenges in treasure hunting. By utilizing these specialized filters, users can fine-tune their device’s detection capabilities, optimize target localization, and enhance the overall accuracy of their treasure hunting endeavors. Whether it’s limiting the search depth, canceling out unwanted signals, or overcoming environmental obstacles, the filters in this kit empower treasure hunters to unlock new possibilities and achieve better results in their quest for hidden treasures.

Filter Name Filter Work Rules Using The Filter For
Up to 3 meters depth filter sensor Option to work up to 3 filters at the same time. Works within buildings up to 80 meters and in open ground areas up to 500 meters. Limiting the depth of field search
Anti Iron Filter Sensor Option to work up to 3 filters at the same time. Works within buildings up to 80 meters and in open ground areas up to 500 meters. Canceling iron detection “noises”
Anti Mineral Soil Filter Sensor Option to work up to 3 filters at the same time. Works within buildings up to 80 meters and in open ground areas up to 500 meters. Searching within mineralized soil
Anti Nuggets Filter Sensor Option to work up to 3 filters at the same time. Works within buildings up to 80 meters and in open ground areas up to 500 meters. Suppressing small target signals when large targets are present
Increase Frequency – Gold Sensor Option to work up to 3 filters at the same time. Works within buildings up to 80 meters and in open ground areas up to 500 meters. Increasing the frequency for gold detection
Anti Rocks Filter Sensor Option to work up to 3 filters at the same time. Works within buildings up to 80 meters and in open ground areas up to 500 meters. Canceling magnetic rock interference

Important sections:

  1. If the customer chooses to order the full set of filters, they will receive 6 filters along with 3 long-range antennas and 3 battery holders. The devices can work with up to 3 filters simultaneously, so there is no need for more than 3 antennas and battery holders.
  2. The complete filter kit includes a dedicated filter unit, an antenna connection cable, a large long-range antenna, and a battery holder.
  3. The kit does not include batteries. You must purchase 2 “AA” batteries separately.
  • Please note that the specifications and details mentioned are subject to change.

AKS MULTI GFIS3D – Introduction & How to Videos:

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User Manual
Click here to download the AKS MULTI GFIS3D User Manual.
Aluminum Grade
6 Antennas
Samsung 8.7″ Tablet
Metal Warranty Card with “AKS” engraving

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