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The AKS PRO is the company’s flagship product, offering unparalleled advancements in the pursuit of gold treasures. Built upon the success of its predecessor, the GOLDAKS LR-TR, the AKS PRO incorporates cutting-edge technology and enhanced signal processing to deliver exceptional performance and accuracy. With a success rate of up to 93.8 percent, this device is a true leader in the field of gold treasure detection.


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Ignite Your Gold Treasure Hunting Passion with the AKS PRO: Unleash Unprecedented Discoveries

Introducing the AKS PRO, the epitome of excellence in gold treasure hunting. Crafted to surpass all expectations, this exceptional device is an enhanced version of its predecessor, the GOLDAKS LR-TR, which took the market by storm in 2018. With cutting-edge advancements in electromagnetic signal processing and a remarkable success rate of up to 93.8 percent, the AKS PRO reigns supreme as the unrivaled champion of gold detection in 2019.

Unleash the Power of Advanced Signal Processing: The AKS PRO pushes the boundaries of technological innovation with its unparalleled signal processing capabilities. Through optimized electromagnetic signal reception and seamless transmission to the device's chip, you'll experience unparalleled accuracy and precision in detecting gold treasures. Prepare to embark on a treasure hunting journey like never before, where every signal becomes a potential discovery.

Embark on a Golden Journey of Success: With a staggering success rate of up to 93.8 percent, the AKS PRO sets the gold standard in treasure hunting triumph. Its refined algorithms and cutting-edge signal analysis empower you to locate gold with unwavering accuracy. Say goodbye to wasted time and missed opportunities as you confidently pursue your quest for hidden treasures. The AKS PRO is your trusted companion in the pursuit of untold wealth.

A Comprehensive Package for Unmatched Exploration: Equipped with everything you need to conquer new frontiers, the AKS PRO offers a comprehensive package to fuel your gold treasure hunting passion. Unleash the power of the main unit, control unit, and an arsenal of six high-performance antennas. Stay powered and connected with the included wall charger and car charger for uninterrupted adventures. Safeguard your investment with the unique serial number and rest easy knowing that your AKS PRO is protected by a durable military case.

Authenticity Assurance: We understand the concerns of treasure hunters in a market filled with imitation and counterfeit products. That's why the AKS PRO features an anti-fraud check, ensuring that you receive a genuine device of unparalleled quality. Invest in the AKS PRO and embark on your treasure hunting journey with confidence, knowing that you possess the pinnacle of authenticity and performance.

Unleash the Power of the AKS PRO and Discover Limitless Riches: The AKS PRO is more than a device; it's a catalyst for unlocking unimaginable wealth. Explore uncharted territories, delve into forgotten legends, and unravel the secrets of the golden era. With the AKS PRO in your hands, you possess the ultimate tool to uncover treasures that lie beyond the reach of others. Ignite your passion for gold treasure hunting and embrace a future filled with boundless discoveries.

Note: As a mark of our commitment to your success, the AKS PRO comes with a comprehensive user manual, warranty card, and our unwavering support. Experience the AKS PRO difference and set forth on a journey that will define your legacy in the realm of gold treasure hunting.


Introducing the AKS PRO: Unleash the Power of Gold Treasure Hunting

  • Discover Hidden Gold Treasures: The AKS PRO is specifically designed to excel in the detection and retrieval of gold treasures. With its advanced technology and specialized search methods, you can maximize your chances of uncovering valuable gold artifacts.
  • Deep Burial Artifact Detection: Equipped with cutting-edge capabilities, the AKS PRO is adept at detecting deep burial artifacts. Whether they are buried under layers of soil or hidden within challenging terrain, this device is engineered to locate treasures that lie beneath the surface.
  • State-of-the-Art Technology: The AKS PRO is a fusion of USA and Israel Hi-Tech expertise. Meticulously engineered and manufactured, it incorporates the latest advancements in metal detection technology, ensuring superior performance and precise results.
  • Gold-Focused Search Methods: With an emphasis on gold detection, the AKS PRO offers specialized search methods that optimize your search for gold treasures. From specific frequency ranges to advanced algorithms, every aspect is fine-tuned to enhance your gold hunting experience.
  • Exact Target Depth Calculation: The AKS PRO empowers you with the ability to calculate the exact depth of your target with a simple button press. This innovative feature eliminates guesswork and allows for more efficient digging, saving you time and effort in the field.
  • Reliable and Durable: Crafted with quality materials, the AKS PRO is built to withstand rugged environments and intensive use. Its durability ensures that you can embark on your treasure hunting expeditions with confidence, knowing that your device is built to last.
  • Versatile Applications: While the AKS PRO excels in gold treasure hunting, its versatility extends beyond gold detection. It is equipped to detect a wide range of precious treasures, artifacts and more, providing you with the flexibility to explore various treasure hunting opportunities.
  • Intuitive User Interface: The AKS PRO features an intuitive user interface that simplifies operation and ensures a seamless treasure hunting experience. With easy-to-understand controls and clear visual indicators, you can navigate the device effortlessly and focus on your quest for gold.
  • Enhanced Sensitivity and Discrimination: The AKS PRO offers heightened sensitivity and discrimination capabilities, allowing you to distinguish between valuable targets and unwanted metallic clutter. This precision targeting ensures that you focus on the treasures that truly matter.
  • Portable and Lightweight: Designed with convenience in mind, the AKS PRO is compact and lightweight, making it easy to carry and maneuver during your treasure hunting expeditions. Its portability ensures that you can explore various terrains and locations with ease.

Embark on an unforgettable gold treasure hunting journey with the AKS PRO. Designed to deliver exceptional performance, precision, and reliability, this device equips you with the tools you need to unearth hidden treasures and make remarkable discoveries. Experience the thrill of treasure hunting like never before with the AKS PRO by your side.


Gold Hunting with the AKS PRO Systems

Explore the world of treasure hunting like never before with the AKS PRO, a device that combines cutting-edge technology and a passion for unearthing hidden gold treasures. With its powerful long-range system and gold-focused search methods, the AKS PRO is your key to unlocking a realm of extraordinary discoveries.

The Long Range System: Embark on a captivating journey with the AKS PRO’s long-range system, which offers an incredible range of up to 5 kilometers in a 360-degree radius. This system utilizes advanced radar technology and a network of antennas to scan vast areas, allowing you to explore expansive terrains and unravel the secrets hidden beneath the surface.

Unveiling Deep Mysteries: Dive into the depths of treasure hunting with the AKS PRO’s extraordinary depth capability. With an astounding range of up to 75 meters, this device has the prowess to reach far below the surface, opening up a world of possibilities for discovering buried gold artifacts and treasures concealed in the earth’s embrace.

Gold-Focused Search Methods: The AKS PRO is tailored to gold hunters, offering specialized search methods that prioritize the detection of this precious metal. Its advanced algorithms and precise frequency settings enable you to narrow your focus, increasing your chances of locating elusive gold treasures and unraveling their captivating stories.

A Dance of Signals: As you embark on your treasure hunting quest, the AKS PRO engages in a mesmerizing dance of signals. Its sophisticated processing capabilities analyze and interpret the electromagnetic signals received through the antennas, unlocking a realm of information about the hidden treasures that lie in your path.

The Treasure Hunter’s Companion: The AKS PRO becomes your trusted companion on every adventure, guiding you through the intricate paths of treasure hunting. With its intuitive interface and user-friendly controls, this device effortlessly becomes an extension of your treasure hunting prowess, allowing you to navigate the terrain with confidence and precision.

Sensing the Subtle Nuances: Delve into the intricate world of gold detection with the AKS PRO‘s heightened sensitivity and discrimination. It possesses the uncanny ability to sense the subtle nuances that distinguish valuable gold targets from mere metallic clutter, enabling you to focus on the treasures that hold untold value.

Whispers from the Past: As you sweep the land with the AKS PRO, you become attuned to the whispers from the past. Its remarkable technology unravels the stories embedded within the earth, revealing the secrets of ancient civilizations and the fortunes that have long been forgotten.

A Journey of Discovery: The AKS PRO embarks you on an extraordinary journey of discovery, where each step unearths the allure of gold treasures waiting to be found. With its exceptional range, precise gold-focused search methods, and unwavering dedication to unlocking the mysteries of the past, this device becomes your gateway to a world of unimaginable riches and tales of bygone eras.

Uncover the hidden secrets of the past and ignite your passion for gold treasure hunting with the AKS PRO. Let this remarkable device guide you on a quest filled with adventure, anticipation, and the thrill of unearthing treasures that have endured the test of time. Experience the enchantment of treasure hunting at its finest with the AKS PRO as your trusted companion.

Specification Description
Search Name 3D-DDT (LR-TR) Technology System
Automatic Depth Checking by Button YES
Distance Measurement Up to 5000 meters
Depth Measurement Up to 75 meters
Package Gross Weight 3.8 kg
Battery Charger Output 12V 1600mAh
Case Material IP67
Signal Frequency 360-440 Hz
Soil Types Works in ALL types of Soil
Focus Resistance 93.8% (without filter)
Search Methods Gold N, Gold B, Depth
Case Material IP67
Case Size Approx. 40x30x15 centimeters
Possibility to Work with Multiple Filters Yes, up to 3 filters simultaneously
Warranty 2 Years
Battery Working Time Up to 10 hours
Waterproof Not waterproof, weatherproof only
Charging Time Up to 2 hours
Operating Temperature Range 0°C to 50°C
Filters (Full Set) Includes 6 Filters; Anti Iron, Increase Gold Frequency, Anti Nuggets, Up to 3M, Anti Mineral & Anti Rocks
Adapter Input 100-240V 50-60Hz 0.3A
Full Package Includes
  • Main Unit
  • Control Unit
  •  6 X Antenna
  •  Warranty Card
  •  Unique Serial #
  •  Military Case
  • Main Super Antenna
  • AKS Wall Charger
  • USB Device with user’s manual
  • 6 Filters Set (If you ordered the Full Set).
  • 3 Filters Long Range Antennas (If you ordered the Full Set).
  • 3 Batteries holders for Filters Operation (If you ordered the Full Set).


Filters Set Info

Elevate Your Treasure Hunting Adventure with the AKS PRO Filters Kit

Take your treasure hunting endeavors to new heights with the AKS PRO Filters Kit. This comprehensive kit is specifically designed to complement the AKS PRO device, providing treasure hunters with specialized filters to optimize their performance and overcome challenges encountered during expeditions. Unleash the full potential of your AKS PRO and elevate your treasure hunting game to unprecedented levels.

Discover the key features of the AKS PRO Filters Kit:

  1. Depth Limit Filter: Fine-tune your search parameters by setting a specific depth range. The Depth Limit filter enables you to focus on targets within your desired depth limit, saving time and energy while optimizing the detection process.
  2. Anti Iron Filter: Eliminate the interference caused by iron and concentrate on non-ferrous targets. The Anti Iron filter is designed to suppress false signals and distractions, allowing you to maximize your chances of finding valuable treasures.
  3. Anti Mineral Soil Filter: Overcome the challenges posed by mineral-rich soil. The Anti Mineral Soil filter helps minimize interference from mineralization, enabling more accurate target detection in challenging soil conditions.
  4. Anti Nuggets Filter: Don’t let small targets slip through the cracks. The Anti Nuggets filter selectively filters out signals from tiny nuggets or fragments while still detecting larger and potentially more valuable objects. Focus on the targets that truly matter.
  5. Increase Frequency – Gold Filter: Optimize your gold detection capabilities. The Increase Frequency – Gold filter enhances the device’s sensitivity to gold signals, allowing you to detect and pinpoint gold treasures with greater accuracy and precision.
  6. Anti Rocks Filter: Mitigate the effects of magnetic rock interference. The Anti Rocks filter ensures more reliable and precise detection results by minimizing false readings caused by magnetic rocks.

The AKS PRO Filters Kit empowers treasure hunters to overcome various challenges and optimize their treasure hunting experience. Tailor your device to your specific needs, enhance target detection in different environments, and increase your chances of discovering hidden treasures. With the AKS PRO Filters Kit as your trusted companion, embark on thrilling adventures with confidence and unlock the secrets of the past.

Filter Name Filter Work Rules Using The Filter For
Up to 3 meters depth filter sensor Option to work up to 3 filters at the same time. Works within buildings up to 80 meters and in open ground areas up to 500 meters. Limiting the depth of field search
Anti Iron Filter Sensor Option to work up to 3 filters at the same time. Works within buildings up to 80 meters and in open ground areas up to 500 meters. Canceling iron detection “noises”
Anti Mineral Soil Filter Sensor Option to work up to 3 filters at the same time. Works within buildings up to 80 meters and in open ground areas up to 500 meters. Searching within mineralized soil
Anti Nuggets Filter Sensor Option to work up to 3 filters at the same time. Works within buildings up to 80 meters and in open ground areas up to 500 meters. Suppressing small target signals when large targets are present
Increase Frequency – Gold Sensor Option to work up to 3 filters at the same time. Works within buildings up to 80 meters and in open ground areas up to 500 meters. Increasing the frequency for gold detection
Anti Rocks Filter Sensor Option to work up to 3 filters at the same time. Works within buildings up to 80 meters and in open ground areas up to 500 meters. Canceling magnetic rock interference

Important sections:

  1. If the customer chooses to order the full set of filters, they will receive 6 filters along with 3 long-range antennas and 3 battery holders. The devices can work with up to 3 filters simultaneously, so there is no need for more than 3 antennas and battery holders.
  2. The complete filter kit includes a dedicated filter unit, an antenna connection cable, a large long-range antenna, and a battery holder.
  3. The kit does not include batteries. You must purchase 2 “AA” batteries separately.
  • Please note that the specifications and details mentioned are subject to change.
AKS PRO – Introduction & How to Video:

User Manual

Click here to download the AKS PRO User Manual.


Aluminum Grade


Super Sensor Antenna


Search Methods: Gold N, Gold B, Depth


Metal Warranty Card with “AKS” engraving & unique serial number

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