Aks Detectors

Registration of Warranty

Congratulations and success due to your purchase of our powerful device.

After you have purchased the device from us here, you will be registered securely on our website and you will receive an original confirmation for the warranty period you will receive from us regarding the device you bought from us. Anyone who
buys the original device from us receives a personal and confidential code which will be placed in the designated place in the registry for our unique warranty which is located on our website. 
It is important for us to clarify that here on our website, this is the only place that gives final and absolute approval regarding the warranty of our device.

No one else, other than our web site, may give you permission to take effect. The warranty, other than us and / or our distributors, has received written authorization and original certificate that we authorize, including the original company signature.

Of course, every question or problem we have is available and more importantly, we encourage you to contact us and verify the process with us



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