New Devices

Discover our new and unique devices. Note the unique features of each device


$6,500 / 5,725€

For many years, AKS DETECTORS has been developing tools for detecting metals and discovering underground treasures.
The GFIS3D™ device (Geometric Forecast Imagine System) is a multi-year development in which many efforts have been invested in bringing the world’s smallest and most sophisticated device for three-dimensional scans deep in the earth’s layers.

Goldaks Pro

$2,700 / 2,400€

GOLDAKS PRO – The enhanced version of the GOLDAKS LR-TR device. This is a version of great strength and accuracy that is intended only for those who are looking for buried gold! Only gold and as much gold as possible! With this device you can occupy your entire area without fear of missing anything. The new device for 2019 that drives the whole world of metal detectors.

Goldaks Multi

$3,000 / 2,650€

GOLDAKS MULTI is the first powerful device of its kind in the world, programmed to find a spot of silver and gold by finding red mercury in the depths of the surface, a search type that has never been seen. The newest technology in 2019


$4,200 / 3,800€

GFIS 3D AKS – Know that you see in your eyes a product you do not believe you’ve seen before ?? This is a device ladies and gentlemen, very soon we will introduce you to the most advanced technology in the field of metal detector! A device designed to find precious metals and cavities and caves. We strongly recommend waiting patiently …

Water Finder

$2,700 / 2,400€

WATER FINDER AKS The first device for finding water sources. The device is very essential to very specific areas in the world. The ability to find salty, natural water sources and water wells hidden at depths of hundreds of meters deep in the earth. We recommend reading the additional information on the product page. Also this new device for 2019. Beware of imitations!

Goldaks LR-TR

$2,500 / 2,350€

GOLDAKS LR-TR is the flagship instrument of AKS GROUP. The device was launched to the public at the end of 2017. It is a device that many companies around the world are trying to imitate and falsify without success. Please note that we have a system for testing the device’s authenticity on our website.

Diamond Finder

$2,700 / 2,400€

D-AKS FINDER A device designed to find points of precious stones such as diamonds, emerald, sapphire, etc. A device designed primarily for finding diamonds. This device has been developing for many years and we are happy and proud to present it officially. Many customers from all over the world contact us about this device We have also read the professional material on the product page.



Check Originality

There are many rumors around the world about counterfeiting our advanced device. The whole world is trying to imitate our product development. What no one can imitate is our unique algorithm. Here you receive a warranty certificate including a unique number that you can tap on our website to find out the information about that device and thus make sure that the device in your possession is original and not fake.

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Shipping Information

We supply deliveries to almost all countries of the world.
There are 2 main types of shipments:

1. EMS – Free shipping service.
2. DHL Express – Payment delivery service.

  • Shipments with EMS usually arrive within 15-46 business days.
  • Shipping with DHL usually takes 2-6 business days.
Military technology

Military technology approved for sale to the public.
This technology has existed for many years and rumors about it have been spilled around the world. Everything you’ve seen so far is just a FAKE. Now the sale has been approved worldwide and you are about to discover the undisputed power of the most unique device in the world with the winning algorithm for finding buried metals, diamonds, burial spaces and reservoirs.

What made us the best company?

After many years of experience in our labs, we have reached a finished
product that focuses mainly on understanding the targeted search, the
fastest and most accurate discovery seen in the world so far. With the
help of 6 targeted antennas and SUPER large antenna, sensors and
advanced processors in the world.